Influence of Brand Advertising on the Nature of Interpersonal Communication in Ukrainian Society

Undergraduate Thesis

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Defended on December 5, 2004, in fulfillment of requirements by the Honors College of Middle Tennessee State University. Thesis explores the history of brand advertising and its implementation in the emergent market economy of post-soviet Ukraine, investigating the effects of western marketing campaigns on the fabric of interpersonal relations and communication using face-to-face survey.

Table of Content

Part I. Advertising and Branding : History, Concepts, Psychology

Chapter 1. Introduction and major concepts
Chapter 2. Origins of consumer culture 1865-1917
Chapter 3. Evolution in the market place
Chapter 4. De-personalization of markets and growth of individualism
Chapter 5. Advertising/Branding - Psychological concepts and applications
Chapter 6. Model of brand advertising
- Function 1. Informational and pseudo-information
- Function 2. Self-identification
- Function 3. Self-expression

Part II. The Brandless Country

Chapter 7. Advertising in the Soviet Union
Chapter 8. Advertising in Independent Ukraine
- A. Who owns advertising industry in Ukraine?
- B. Who owns business in Ukraine?
- C. Who spends the most on advertising?
- D. Who has most popular brands?

Part III. Research and analysis

Chapter 9. Purpose, Design, Makeup, Hypotheses
Chapter 10. Results and Analysis
Chapter 11. Conclusion



Andriy Koval
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