Clinical Context Coding Scheme

Describing Utilisation of Services of Island Health between 2007-2017


Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA, aka Island Health) is one of 5 health authorities of British Columbia. VIHA administers about 1700+ individual programs (aka locations), spanning the full spectrum of health services. Starting in 2007, VIHA has been recording patients’ encounters with these programs using a single instance of Electronic Health Record system, CERNER-Millennium. Cross-continuum nature of CERNER-Millennium and moated nature of the geographical area of VIHA created a data source that captures almost complete patient trajectories through the space of health services. TTT cohort identifies users of Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) services of Island Health during the last ten years(2007 -2017).

Poster presented at the 2018 conference of the International Population Data Linkage Association, Banff, Alberta.

Andriy Koval
Assistant Professor of Health Management and Informatics

I am a data scientist with background in quantitative methods and interest in data-driven models of health and aging