reproducible research

Using Reproducible Data Visualisations to Augment Decision-Making During Suppression of Small Counts

Demonstrates using reproducible data visualisations for augmenting redaction decisions during small cell supression and creating documentaion transparent for non-technical audit.

Suppressing Small Counts for Public Release

Demonstrates the methods of suppressing small counts in a provincial surveillance system in preparation of data for public release.

Transactional Data of Island Health

Describing the application of Clinical Context Coding Scheme to stratification of Mental Health and Substance Use services on Vancouver Island from 2007 to 2017

How can big health data make an impact on health(care) system(s)?

Presenting a current example of how big data can improve mental health and augment surveillance in the province of B.C. through developing a framework for 'messy' transactional electronic health record (EHR) data from secondary and tertiary health services

Encounter Data of Vancouver Island Health Authority

Focusing on Mental Health and Substance Use services, the presentation demonstrates the use of Clinical Context Coding Scheme to analyze service utilization data of Island Health

Severity and Burden of Mental Health

Visualizing the variability in clinical histories of patients with confirmed diagnosis of (1) schizophrenia and (2) bipolar disorders using cross-continuum clinical records.